Columbus, Ohio

german village art league

Jeff Kuhlman


I am a fine art film photographer living in Columbus, Oh. I am self taught through trial, error and experience. I have and continue to educate myself through reading and pushing techniques. I started with 35mm film in 2001, progressed to digital and the work flow that it requires. From there I continued to shoot film, moving into medium format, processing my own film and into giclée printing. Exploring many techniques with developing film, dodging, burning, and many different papers in the printing process.

I hope to produce captivating and engaging photographs shot on film. Produce works of art inspired by nature that both bring joy, preservation and a deep love of ecology. Art work is only made from film photographs. Film is processed by me, giclée prints are made by me, and framing is also done by me. Each piece is handmade and I am involved from start to finish. Being an environmentalist, I am drawn to shooting landscapes and abstracts from nature. I want to preserve the beauty and natural order of things that seem to be changing so quickly through my photographs.

Gallery of Work