Columbus, Ohio

german village art league

Molly McNitt


My inspiration comes from forms found in nature such as the earth and people. Spirals and long fluid sweeping curves emerge in my work most often and mimic my passion for the ocean. Within this body of work each piece evolves into their own unique character. I allow my work to speak to me and help guide which way to twist and turn each piece in space.

My process developed from using the combination of various mediums that eventually led to bending wood. I develop these works by bending and carving the wood allowing the perception of movement. Since my work is organic, it brings life, motion and warmth within the geometric surroundings they are commonly are found in.

Recently, I have been infusing numerous elements into my work such as surface texture and using natural and unnatural light. Fusing unnatural light into my work enhances the shadows that create designs.

As musicians use notes to express music, I create forms that express the life energy that flows around us.

Gallery of Work

Sculpture 1

Sculpture 2